The E4C Technologies engineering team consists of Senior Designers, CAD Operators, and Senior Analysts with decades of experience in the aircraft structural airframe, avionics and systems arenas. This team is capable of providing the following:

1. Structural Services

* Airframe Structure such as Intercostal and upper attach designs.

* Fuselage Repairs.

* Composite Materials Design.

2. Systems Services (Mechanical and Electrical)

* Electrical Systems design and Integration.

* Oxygen Systems.* Fuel Systems.

* Hydraulic Systems.

* Mode S Transponder, Satcom, TCASII, GPS, ACARS, Stormoscope, Windshear, HF Data Link, FMS, VHF Com. 8.33kHZ and Cabin Telephone systems.

* DER Witnessing of DO-160 tests, flight testing (EMI, Functional) in support of STC's.

3. Analytical Services

* Finite Element Analysis.

* Analysis of Metallic and Composite structures.

* Electrical Loads Analysis.

* Damage Tolerance Analysis.

4. Onsite Support Services

* Onsite Engineering support.

* Onsite A&P Certified Mechanics.

E4C Technologies contracts with specialty DER's in Aircraft Systems & Equipment, Structures, Flight Testing, Damage Tolerance and Aircraft Interior Compliance.