The current E4C Technologies Engineering staff has accumulated extensive and wide base of Aerospace Engineering knowledge encompassing Electrical, Mechanical, Structural and Certification while working through out the years at various aerospace engineering companies and completed many major projects, we list a few:

1. Structural modification of floor beams to accept new galleys in a B737-300 aircraft.

2. Installation of LCD Monitors in a B757-200.

3. ELT components and Antennas Installation engineering and FAA Certification on B737, B757 and A320 aircraft.

4. Replacement of the Standard seat tracks with "Heavy Duty" Seat tracks in the B767- 200/300 Aircraft. "Heavy Duty" Seat tracks are required to accomodate the higher interface loads associated with the installation of heavier B/C sleepers in zone "A" of the aircraft.

5. Installation Engineering design of Panasonic eFX IFE system (Audio/Video/PC power) on the B737-800 aircraft.

6. Installation Engineering and Integration of Frequency Converter Boxes and Transformer Rectifiers on B727 Aircraft per NASA requirements.

7. Interior Reconfigurations on all complexity levels on B737's, B747's, B757's, B767's.

8. Integration of (ASTRONICS) PC Power "EmPower" system into B747, B757, B767, B737, and A320 aircraft.

9. Development of the ARTEX ELT installation engineering package in B737-300/-400.

10. Replacement of 5 KVA HMG with a 10 KVA HMG in B757 aircraft.

11. Development of STC's to install Max-Viz Infrared Camera system in Falcon 50, Falcon 900, and GIV aircraft.

12. Completed several major LOPA Reconfigurations on B717, B727, B737, B747, B757, and B767 aircraft.