E4C Technologies, LLC, an aviation company geared to provide the best engineering and certification service to Airlines, Operators and Aircraft Lessors.

E4C Technologies, LLC provides engineering services that are rarely matched, starting from LOPA designs to complex structural, electrical and avionics engineering designs and certification packages ending with liaison support. Depending on the complexities of the designs and the local authorities requirements, certification may be via FAA STC or FAA DER 8110-3 approvals. In addition, EASA approvals can be obtained through the cooperation with a European DOA. Our experienced team of engineers and DER's pride themselves on providing the best structural, interior and avionics engineering packages.


1. E4C Technologies completed the design of the Zodiac RAVE Video system in two B767-300 aircraft belonging to the Patriots Football team. In addition, we provided newly overhauled Business Class seats specifically designed for the football players. The two airplanes were completed in September and December of 2017. We are proud to be part of a great team including Dretloh, Zodiac, CAI and Pulsar Aviation.

2. E4C Technologies has obtained an STC for the installation of BL33 seat tracks in the B767-300 aircraft.